Coasters & Creators Script

Coasters and Creators is a behind-the-brand look at influential content creators shaping theme park social media. Come along with host Aaron Johnston as creators from across the theme park landscape share their insights and perspective on creating popular content in this ever-evolving and ever-growing community.

See below for a baseline list of topics for each episode.


  • Your Brand
  • Your core business
  • Platforms you’re on
  • Development of your brand

Part 1 – Coasters

  • Initial interest in theme parks
  • Favorite / (or least) park / attraction / show / experience
  • Most missed extinct attraction / show / experience
  • Aspects of theme parks you’re particularly interested in
  • Trends you see in these areas – likes / dislikes
  • How your perspective of theme parks has evolved
  • How you maintain your enthusiasm for visiting
  • Memorable or unique park experiences
  • Go-to park tips
  • Goals or bucket list items
  • How you keep up with park news
  • Other creators you follow
  • Theme park sites you like

Part 2 – Creators

  • Your social media creator origin story – why theme parks?
  • Popularity of theme parks today – downsides / upsides
  • The role of social media in the theme park industry
  • How social media has influenced the theme park experience
  • Effectiveness of theme parks leveraging social media
  • State of theme park social media content today
  • The relationship between parks and content creators
  • Social media trends you’re particularly interested in? Likes / dislikes
  • Content influences
  • How you have developed your style
  • Promotion strategy
  • Engagement strategy
  • Platform strategy
  • Managing reaction to feedback – most memorable
  • Role of analytics in content strategy
  • Understanding of followers
  • Challenges of creating theme park content.
  • Collaboration with other creators
  • What’s next for theme park social media content
  • What’s next for the theme park experience
  • What’s next for you

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