Mouse Credits

As a family of passionate Disney park enthusiasts, we’re always on the lookout for ways to sprinkle extra magic into our visits. Let me introduce you to some magic we’ve created – Mouse Credits!

Collecting Credits?

Mouse Credits is an off-shoot of “coaster credits” where each coaster ride adds a “credit” to your ride tally in the fan community.

Mouse Credits broadens that idea to something the whole family can collect – Disney experience credits. Every experience, from thrilling rides to delectable dining, earns a credit. The goal? Maximize your Disney street cred by maximizing your credit count. Want to be known as a family of Disney park experts? Your Mouse Credit count is a new, easy way to show it.

Earn Badges Along the Way

Along your credit-collecting journey, you also earn badges to display. Conquer all the Disney mountain attractions? Earn a “Disney Mountain Range” badge. Meet cultural representatives in each World Showcase country? Earn an “Around the World” badge. The fun lies not just in the credit count but in the badges you can proudly showcase.

More Reasons to Collect

Beyond street cred, my family simply enjoys collecting credits. My daughter likes the exploration aspect of finding new credits. My son like the challenge of maximizing his credit count. And my wife and I like keeping track of everything we experience on Disney trip. Collecting is a multi-win for our family.

Defining a Credit

Much like the coaster community, the discussion around what qualifies as a credit is up for debate….and a big part of the fun! I encourage embracing the debate and helping the community towards an accepted list of credits and badges. One way to do this is by joining our Facebook group (coming soon) to connect with others on all things Mouse Credits.

For All Disney Enthusiasts!

And while Mouse Credits began as a family activity idea, I invite all Disney fans to embrace the concept. Who knows, maybe you’ll one day be asked how many Mouse Credits you have! Until then, I hope collecting mouse credits simply adds a bit of pixie dust to your family’s next Disney Parks adventure.