Should you get a Universal Refillable Cup?

Refillable cups are an excellent option for visitors to Universal Orlando. You can purchase at various locations throughout the parks and then refill them with your favorite beverage throughout your visit. In this blog post, we’ll cover everything you need to know about getting a Universal Orlando refillable cup and which refill option makes the most sense.

You have two basic options regarding the resort’s refillable cup program…

Refillable Coke Freestyle Cup

The most common Universal Orlando refillable cup option is a Coca-Cola Freestyle cup. This option allows you to refill at any of the Freestyle machines located throughout the parks.

Pro: With the Freestyle cups, you pay a one-time price (around $18) and get unlimited free refills on the day of purchase from any Freestyle machine.

Con: You must reactivate (around $9) your Freestyle cup on each subsequent day to continue getting refills.

Refillable Souvenir Cup

Another Universal Orlando refillable cup option is a souvenir cup. These cups feature a variety of designs and can be purchased at various locations across the parks – including gift shops, restaurants, snack kiosks, etc.

Pro: With souvenir cups, you pay a one-time price ($ varies) for the cup and initial fill. You do NOT have to reactivate the souvenir cup on subsequent days to continue getting refills.

Con: You have to pay for each refill (around $2).

Refillable Recommendation

Purchasing a refillable cup is typically a cost-saver if your family likes to consume cola on a theme park visit. The same holds true at Universal Orlando where a single fill cola is > $4. The only question is – which refillable cup?

Personally, I like the Freestyle option best. Paying one price each day and having unlimited refills takes budget variability and stress out of my day. I also love the flavor variety and ease of access Freestyle offers.

It’s noteworthy that park-purchased refillable cups are not valid at on-site hotels. If you’re staying at a Universal Orlando hotel you’ll need to purchase a hotel-specific refillable cup.

Can’t Decide?

Whichever you choose, refillable cups are a great way to take advantage of cost savings during your visit. And if you’re looking for help on this and other topics regarding you Universal Orlando, you should consider employing a theme park vacation planner.

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